Bring the
Blockchain Home.

Together DapCoin and Connect make the blockchain simple. Connect creates DapCoin and securely stores it to use with your Dapps on any connected device - even iPhones. With your private keys safe at home, you can access Dapps or sign transactions on the go.

Web 3.0 starts here.

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Friends who have joined

Invite your friends to unlock bigger rewards!

  1. Refer 2 friends, get a $5 DapCard
  2. Refer 5 friends, get a $15 DapCard
  3. Refer 15 friends, get a $50 DapCard
  4. Refer 40 friends, get a FREE DapCoin Starter Pack ($399 value)

Where Utility
Meets Convenience


How DapCoin works:

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  • 01

    Pre-order DapCoin or create it with your Daplie Connect.

  • 02

    Browse the DapStore from any connected device.

  • 03

    Use DapCoin to publish, purchase or review Dapps.

  • 04

    Use onboard wallet to optimize the experience and securely store your DapCoin.

5 Reasons DapCoin is Different

The Real Deal

The DapCoin ecosystem is backed by thousands of real customers, a solid hardware platform, and the strength of multiple industry partnerships. Combine that with utility to publish, purchase, or review Dapps on the DapStore, and you get a blockchain powerhouse.

Secure Connection

Connect creates a cryptographically secure connection between it and your devices. During setup, each device generates its own public private key pair and stores the private key locally. Then, the public key is shared over the local network and a shared secret is generated and both devices record that shared secret to trust that connection in the future.

The DapStore

Owning DapCoin will allow you to take full advantage of the DapStore—an open source platform for the best Dapps and legacy applications. It's a convenient way to discover new Dapps and support your favorite devs, served up in a familiar app store format to make it easy to bring the blockchain into the home!


DapCoin and Connect let you use Dapps with absolute confidence. DapCoin rewards and incentivizes developers and users to play nice, and creates barriers for bad actors. Plus, DapCoin makes sure that reviews and code repositories are linked to developer and reviewer reputations and then recorded on the blockchain for added transparency.


Pairing Daplie Connect and DapCoin means you get access to the best Dapps from one platform, enabling your computer, phone, or tablet to interact with the blockchain. Plus, any of your authorized devices using Connect can run the same instance of a Dapp—no more starting a new conversation/session when you switch devices!

Dapps Now

  • Scour the internet to discover new Dapps.

  • Separate Dapp install and instance on each device.

  • Power-intensive Dapps bog down computers and can't run on phones.

  • No way to leave reviews or feedback.

  • Centralized app stores can block apps they don’t like and charge a premium.

  • No cross-tech app implementation


Dapps in the DapCoin Ecosystem

  • DapStore: one place to find the best Dapps and legacy applications.

  • One install on Daplie Connect for securely syncing across all your devices.

  • Connect offers dedicated processing for Dapps, plus access directly from your phone.

  • DapCoin can be used to publish, purchase, or review Dapps.

  • DapStore integrates with the blockchain for transparency and accountability.

  • One platform where Dapps, centralized apps, and other distributed technologies can play together.

Who is
it for?

Familiar, simple way to access the world of Dapps and bring the blockchain into the home.


Access to an open source publishing platform backed by decentralized hardware with a built-in user base.

App Developers

Easily publish Dapps, create DapCoin, post bounties, receive authentic reviews, and know if people are actually downloading your product.

Crypto Community

Discover new Dapps from within a unified platform and use them seamlessly across all your devices.

DapCoin allows anyone to publish, purchase, or review apps within the DapStore’s trusted ecosystem

Connect: A DapCoin's Best Friend

Expandable Storage

Stack up to 4 Daplie hard drives for up to 20 TBs of off-the-cloud, always accessible storage, or use your own USB hard drives.

Private Key Management

One location to manage all your private keys - from anywhere and from any device - featuring Daplie's exclusive built-in cold storage and hot wallets.

Dependable Hardware

Run your Dapps with 2GB RAM, multi-core ARM CPU, 2x ethernet, 2x USB, 12V power.

One Device to Securely Store your Crypto

Wallets for Days

Built-in hot and cold storage wallets allow for best in-class security and convenience.

Secure your Digital Assets

A safe, reliable, and private environment for storing cryptocurrencies.

Physical Access

ONLY with a button press can the onboard cold storage wallet become accessible to the network.

Ultimate Accessibility

Connect lets you to sign transactions from anywhere without needing to have your private keys with you.

Sustainably Farm DapCoin

Pay for your Connect

Create enough DapCoin by farming with the device to pay for the Connect within months. That means that every Connect Customer can easily get into crypto world without even thinking about it.

Always ON, always creating

Setting up your Connect to farm DapCoin is simple, and then it’s as easy as leaving it on to run in the background while it creates tokens.

More sustainable mining

The extremely small power requirements, low cost, and minimal CPU/GPU requirements make Connect a much greener alternative to traditional mining rigs.

More DapCoin, more options

Use your farmed DapCoin to get great Dapps in the DapStore, in-Dapp purchases, buy hardware, or trade them for other tokens within the DapStore.

DapCoin History & Development Roadmap

  • 2015
    Daplie, Inc.

    Daplie is founded with the promise to offer security, privacy, ownership, and control for all. The solution focuses on bypassing cloud storage.

  • 2016

    Daplie completes prototypes for a plug and play, decentralized home server and garners significant public interest.

  • 2017

    Successful product and equity crowdfunds completed. Blockchain tech offers enhancements to deliver security, privacy, ownership, and control via DapCoin.

  • 2018
    DapCoin & Beyond

    Connect, DapStore, and DapCoin pave the way for Web 3.0 and decentralized technology in the home.


Add DapCards to Get More!

DapCard gift cards can be used in the DapStore to purchase other Dapps, Daplie Connect, and DapCoin in the upcoming token sale. Below is an example of how ordering DapCards now could impact a potential DapCoin purchase in the future. Retail Price per DAP = $.02 USD.

DapCard Amount ?
You may order up to $10,000 DapCard value daily, which will be delivered through an electronic gift card. For customers interested in purchasing DapCoin, you could use your DapCard code to reserve an amount of DapCoin in the upcoming DapCoin Token Sale. This is not a pre-order of DapCoin and no DapCoin will be sold at this time.
FREE Bonus Effective Cost/DAP ?
If the initial DapCard and free bonus DapCard are used to purchased DapCoin, this column shows the effective price per DapCoin ordered at that future time. Although the actual price per DapCoin remains the same ($.02 USD) if during the DapCoin Token Sale you order 5,000 DapCoin using an $100 USD DapCard and 1,250 DapCoin using the FREE Bonus DapCard, you effectively get 6,250 DapCoin for spending only $100 out of pocket, which results in an effective price of $.016 USD per DAP (100/6250 = .016).
You Pay

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Meet the DapCoin Team

We think there's a better way to bring the blockchain into the home - with its promise of freedom and prosperity - without giving up convenience, privacy, or security.

Bryson Hill

Daplie, Product Lead & CEO

Brian Bourgerie

Dapp, Partnerships & President

Kevin Hill

Daplie, Sales & Operations

Greg Delong

Daplie, Marketing Lead & CMO

Stephen Lupsha

Dapp, Creative

Stephen Wunderli

Head of Communication

Mustafa Demirkent
Mustafa Demirkent

Saypr, Design Lead

Yasar Demirkent

Saypr, Frontend Developer

Zeynep Kınlı

Saypr, UX + UI Designer

Jason Klug

Klugonyx, Product Development

Ed Packer

Klugonyx, Design Engineer

Aaron Nelson

Klugonyx, Industrial Designer


Dapp, Blockchain Lead